Helen Skelton's advice from Gemma Atkinson

Helen Skelton's advice from Gemma Atkinson credit:Bang Showbiz
Helen Skelton's advice from Gemma Atkinson credit:Bang Showbiz

Helen Skelton got advice from Gemma Atkinson about 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

The 39-year-old presenter admitted she feels lucky to have the support of professional dance partner Gorka Marquez and his fiancee, and former 'Strictly' contestant, Gemma, 37, as she takes on the challenge of competing in the show.

Speaking to Metro.co.uk, she said: "Obviously Gemma, Gorka and I have loads of mutual friends, people in common, so for me, I’m really grateful that I’ve got him. A lot of people spend time getting to know each other, whereas I already felt like I knew him.

"Gemma’s like, 'Say this to him, say that to him,' and she’s done the show so she gets it. I feel lucky, because I’ve got two people.’

Gorka added that Gemma has given useful advice to both of them.

He said: "For me with Gemma, she has done the show, she went all the way to the final, she experienced the show as a celebrity.

"I know what I need to do as a professional to take someone to the final. But at the same time with Gemma, she sometimes goes to me, 'Don’t forget, they’re not a professional,' or, 'Don’t forget this,' because when I was doing it…

"It makes me feel like, 'Ok, you’re right, maybe take a step back.'"

And Gorka admitted he can be intense during training because he believes Helen has the potential to reach the final.

He said: "‘I want to make her feel as confident and prepared as possible, so that when she goes on the floor, I don’t want to have to get any comment that’s going to upset her, or make her feel like she didn’t work enough."