Herd of cows rushes down a field to enjoy free jazz performance

This is the moment a herd of cows ran down a field to enjoy a free jazz performance. Upright bassist Kaisa Mäensivu, 33, was on her way to a gig when she came across a herd of cows happily grazing in a field. Kaisa was accompanied by saxophonist Max Zenger, 35, and her husband and drummer Joe Peri, 32. The trio had been on their way to a sound check at the Aland Sea Jazz Festival in Aland, Finland but decided to play a concert for the cattle. Kaisa, who lives in New York City said: "We drove by the cows and had our instruments in the car. "Since we were about to play on a jazz festival that day, we figured the cows should get a little jazz too!" The cows seemed to enjoy the sound of the group and happily approached to be serenaded, coming to the edge of their farm in Aland. Kaisa said: "They all started to approach us once we started playing, it was a hilarious surprise. "It was so funny how they reacted!" To Kaisa's surprise, the cows were big fans of jazz and listened for about 15 minutes, until the group had to leave. She said: "They stayed for about four songs, we played some originals too!"