Here's everything you need to know about MAFS UK's Thomas

Here's everything you need to know about MAFS UK's Thomas

We're now halfway through the Married At First Sight UK experiment (how has it gone that quickly?) and the series has been full of surprises. From Terence and Porscha both voting to leave in the most recent commitment ceremony, to the arrival of even more new married couples in the most recent episodes and perhaps, most surprisingly, given their very awkward wedding, is how well things are going for Thomas and Rozz.

In the early stages of the experiment things were not going well for these two. After their wedding got off to an uncomfortable start, followed by an even more awkward honeymoon, we weren't sure these two would make it past the first commitment ceremony.

But in recent episodes they've gone from strength to strength and really seem to be getting on well. And now we're desperate to know more about this couple, including whether they're together now.

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Before we get into that, here's everything else you need to know about Thomas.

What is Thomas' age?

Married At First Sight UK's Thomas Kriaras is 27 years old and from Wiltshire. Upon entering the MAFS UK experiment, Thomas was described as a "traditional, animal-loving gent is looking to find his soulmate who will accept not just him, but his feline friends. He is a gentleman whose love language is gift-giving."

What is Thomas' job?

Thomas works in investment communications.

Does Thomas have Instagram?

He sure does, Thomas' Instagram handle is @thomaskriaras and he currently has just over 35,000 followers.

On his Instagram there's a big hint to suggest he and Rozz could still be together, as he has an entire highlight dedicated to Rozz pinned to the top of his profile. We don't know about you, but that's giving big 'still married' energy.

Does Thomas have TikTok?

As well as following Thomas on Instagram, you can also find him on TikTok where his handle is @thomaskriaras.

On his TikTok Thomas has been giving a lot of insights into what went on behind the scenes of filming Married at First Sight UK, as well as offering his opinion on the scenes playing out on screen.

Are Thomas and Rosaline still together?

Thomas and Rozz had what can only be described as the most awkward wedding in Married At First Sight UK history, and also a very awkward honeymoon.

However, a few weeks into their marriage and it seems things are going well for the couple. Though the series isn't over yet, we've got a slight feeling the couple could still be together.

On Thomas' Instagram he has an entire Instagram Story highlight dedicated to Rozz and in the last few days he's called her his "wife" on Instagram Stories and shown support for her florist business. Many of their fellow cast members have also shown support for the pair, with Ella saying they were her favourite couple on the series and Erica commented on a picture of the two together saying "favs".

Now, of course this could just be the two being friends, but we're keeping our fingers crossed these two are still going strong after the experiment.

Married At First Sight UK continues on E4

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