Here's the full list of MPs who WON'T be standing for re-election in June

Douglas Carswell has announced that he won’t be standing for re-election (Picture: REX Features)
Douglas Carswell has announced that he won’t be standing for re-election (Picture: REX Features)

Douglas Carswell has become the latest MP to confirm that they won’t be standing for re-election in June.

In a statement, the Clacton MP, who left Ukip last month, said he had been ‘proud and honoured’ to serve his constituents over the last 12 months.

He said: ‘I have decided that I will not now be seeking re-election. I intend to vote Conservative ‪on June 8th and will be offering my full support to whoever the Clacton Constituency Conservatives select as their candidate.

‘It is sometimes said that all political careers end in failure. It doesn’t feel like that to me today. I have stood for Parliament five times, won four times, and helped win the referendum last June. Job done. I’m delighted.’

But he’s far from the first MP to announce that they won’t be standing in June. Here’s all the politicians who have announced plans to vacate their seat after Theresa May announced a snap general election on Tuesday.


George Osborne

Not giving up the (other) day job: George Osborne (REX/Shutterstock)
George Osborne is standing down (REX/Shutterstock)

The MP for Tatton announced that he wouldn’t be seeking re-election after being announced as Editor of the Evening Standard last month.

He said in a statement: ‘I am stepping down from the House of Commons – for now. But I will remain active in the debate about our country’s future and on the issues I care about, like the success of the Northern Powerhouse.’

Angela Watkinson

The Conservative MP for Hornchurch and Upminster announced that she will be standing down after suffering a minor stroke last year.

Simon Burns

The veteran Tory MP announced he was stepping down after 30 years. He said: ‘ I am very sad to go after 30 years in the job, and although there’s been enormous satisfaction in helping people, I’m still sad.’


Alan Johnson

Alan Johnson/Rex Photos
Alan Johnson won’t be standing for Labour (Picture: REX)

The former Home Secretary announced plans to stand down on Tuesday. He said: ‘Every day has been a privilege and a pleasure but it can’t go on for ever and the electoral cycle means that each incumbent has to think again about what’s best for them, the constituency and the Party.

‘As far as the constituency and the Party are concerned, no MP wants to put them through the anguish of a mid-term by-election, so for me the personal decision is whether to retire now or in 2022 when I’ll be into my 70s.’

Andy Burnham

Andy Turnham is hoping to become Manchester metro mayor (Picture: REX Features)
Andy Turnham is hoping to become Manchester metro mayor (Picture: REX Features)

The former Shadow Home Secretary is not running as he is standing to become Greater Manchester’s new metro mayor on May 4 and said he had always intended to resign and trigger a by-election if he becomes Mayor.

Gisela Stuart

The Birmingham Edgbaston Brexiteer and outspoken critic of Jeremy Corbyn announced that she is stepping down after 20 years.

She said: ‘After 22 years of campaigning and 20 years of having had the privilege of being the MP for this diverse, forever surprising and wonderful marginal seat I know when it is time to stand down and pass on the baton.’

Jim Dowd

The Lewisham West MP and former Labour whip says that he had already decided that 2015 would be his last general election.

He told The Mirror: ‘If a week is a long time in politics then 25 years is an eternity.

‘Now this has come up it would mean going on to 2022 and I would be 72 by then. I would like a few years doing things I choose for myself and family matters.’

Tom Blenkinsop

The Middlesbrough MP announced he would be stepping down after seven years due to ‘irreconcilable differences’ with Labour leadership.

He said: ‘I have made no secret about my significant and irreconcilable differences with the current Labour leadership.

‘It is because of these differences I feel I cannot in good faith stand as the Labour candidate for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland.

‘Representing the people of Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland has been the proudest years of my life.’

Pat Glass

Pat Glass, pictured with Jeremy Corbyn (Picture: REX Features)
Pat Glass, pictured with Jeremy Corbyn (Picture: REX Features)

The Durham North West MP, who famously served as Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Education Secretary for two days, said: ‘I’ve already made my decision and that decision stands. It’s the right thing for me and my constituents.”

‘I will not be seeking re-election in June. There will be a new North West Durham MP on June 9.’

Iain Wright

Iain Wright has announced that he won’t stand for re-election (Picture: REX Features)
Iain Wright has announced that he won’t stand for re-election (Picture: REX Features)

The Hartlepool MP announced yesterday that he would not be standing again. He said: ‘I do not intend to stand again to become Member of Parliament for Hartlepool. It has been an enormous privilege to serve my home town in Parliament.

‘I have now been an MP for nearly a third of my life. I would like to thank my constituents for giving me the honour of allowing me their Member of Parliament since 2004.’

Andrew Smith

The former chief Treasury secretary under Tony Blair announced that he would be standing down after 30 years.

He told his constituents: ‘This election is for a Parliament which is likely to run until 2022, when I would be over 71.’

He is the only Labour MP in Oxfordshire.

Fiona MacTaggart

The Slough MP announced that she would be stepping down after becoming ‘bored by the political squabbles over personalities.’

She was one of 13 MPs to vote against the election.


John Pugh

Announcing his decision, the Southport MP said: ‘I am confident that the good people of Southport who make up their own minds will stick with Liberal Democrats again.’