Here are all of the new gay bops you need to add to your Pride playlist

Orville Peck Billie Eilish Gay Songs
Orville Peck Billie Eilish Gay Songs

Our favorite artists are feeding us!

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2024 is giving music lovers everything they want.

Pop Girl Spring has blessed the gays with incredible albums from their favorite artists and it all started with Ariana Grande's latest record eternal sunshine.

Now that Pride Month is here and people are enjoying the summer sun, there's so many amazing bangers that we can't stop listening to!

Scroll below to hear the top 10 songs you need to add to your Pride playlist.

1. Orville Peck, Kylie Minogue, Diplo - Midnight Ride

Orville Peck & Kylie Minogue & Diplo - Midnight Ride (Official Lyric Video)

Three gay icons on one track? Sign us up!

Orville Peck's new era is truly showing how gay country music can be. By revealing more of his face and dropping his latest EP Stampede: Vol. 1, the crooner is getting more vulnerable with his music.

The country star has now teamed up with his bestie Diplo and queen Kylie Minogue on his sensual new single "Midnight Ride."

With the chorus including the line "let me take you on a midnight ride," you get the hint as to what this trio is trying to pull off here.

2. Charli xcx - 360

Charli xcx - 360 (official video)

The gays are currently losing their minds over Charli xcx's new album BRAT.

Lead singles "Von dutch" and "360" helped kick-start this record's rollout and fans are loving everything the singer has to offer.

3. Lauv - Potential

Lauv - Potential [Official Video]

Lauv has been slowly coming out for quite some time now and he's finally embracing his queerness in his new single "Potential."

The music video shows Lauv finding a connection with a man and we couldn't be more proud of Lauv's journey! Especially for Pride Month, there's no better message to send.

4. Chappell Roan - Red Wine Supernova

Chappell Roan - Red Wine Supernova (Magician's Cut)

Chappell Roan is on everyone's radar right now!

The star is going viral left and right for her bold performances, political statements, and gay AF music. Could we have a new superstar on our hands?

5. Billie Eilish - CHIHIRO

Billie Eilish - CHIHIRO (Official Music Video)

Billie Eilish shouldn't be a surprise on this list as her new album HIT ME HARD AND SOFT received rave reviews from critics and fans alike.

Her tracks "BIRDS OF A FEATHER," "LUNCH," and "CHIHIRO" are climbing the charts this summer, so everyone is enjoying what Eilish is serving this year.

6. Sabrina Carpenter - Espresso

Sabrina Carpenter - Espresso (Official Video)

This may seem like a no-brainer, but "Espresso" by Sabrina Carpenter is undeniably the song of the summer for the gays.

The feel-good and upbeat anthem is on everyone's Instagram posts and blasting through countless speakers on nearly every beach at the moment, so if you haven't heard it, check out the fun video above.

7. Taylor Swift - I Can Do It With a Broken Heart

Taylor Swift - I Can Do It With a Broken Heart (Official Lyric Video)

It's true, Taylor Swift continues her world domination with her record-breaking new album THE TORTURED POETS DEPARTMENT.

Considered the "gay song" of the record, "I Can Do It With a Broken Heart" is an empowerment anthem about staying strong and getting the job done even if the world is crumbling around you.

8. Artemas - i like the way you kiss me

Artemas - i like the way you kiss me (official music video)

One of TikTok's favorite songs right now is "i like the way you kiss me" by Artemas.

The singer's wide vocal range gagged everyone on this song and naturally, who doesn't love a song fantasizing a hot make-out session? It is Pride Month after all.

9. Ariana Grande - the boy is mine

Ariana Grande - the boy is mine (Official Music Video)

This list wouldn't be complete without our queen Ariana Grande.

Following the critical acclaim for her latest record eternal sunshine, the singer has dropped her latest music video for the fan-favorite track "the boy is mine." Plus, it stars You actor and hunk Penn Badgley. What's not to love?


JORDY - SECOND MINUTE HOUR (Official Music Video)

This week, one of our favorite pop boys JORDY will drop his new record SEX WITH MYSELF.

His lead single "SECOND MINUTE HOUR" is the perfect song to get you in the mood for that hot Pride Month hookup you've been waiting for.