'He's not a sub' - Mohamed Salah and Jurgen Klopp Liverpool row verdicts after 'daft' remark

Jurgen Klopp and Mo Salah
Jurgen Klopp and Mo Salah had a heated exchanged on the touchline -Credit:Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp and Mohamed Salah have been the centre of attention in the last couple of days following a touchline dispute.

The Reds forward was involved in a heated exchange with Klopp during the 2-2 draw with West Ham on Saturday. Salah was on the bench for the match and was introduced in the second half.

While Salah was getting ready to come on, it was clear to see a disagreement between the pair on the touchline which Darwin Nunez felt obliged to step in and break up as tempers flared. Klopp attempted to diffuse any discussion of a potential rift after the final whistle.

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Salah has struggled to match the heights reached during the first part of the season since returning from injury. With that said, Liverpool ECHO takes a look at everything we know so far.

What Klopp has said

Speaking in his press conference, Klopp remained coy on what had happened on the touchline. He said: "We spoke about it in the dressing room but it’s done for me. That’s all. That’s it. It was my impression [that it’s resolved for Salah too], yes."

What Salah has said

After the 2-2 draw with West Ham, Salah said, when asked for an interview in the mixed-zone: "There is going to be fire today, if I speak."

What pundits have said

Jamie Carragher

"The only reason a manager would be unhappy in this situation, is the player took too long to be ready to come on," he said on social media. "Since then, further footage seems to have shown that Salah sparked the tensions with his reluctance to shake Klopp's hand, presumably due to frustration at being left out in the first place.

"Mo Salah and Jürgen Klopp are both @LFC legends. We don’t need to take sides! Salah is frustrated and angry with Jürgen that he’s not playing and at that moment didn’t want to fully embrace the boss, Jürgen understandably took exception.

"Mo was daft with his comment in the mixed zone but let's let them sort it out and enjoy the last few weeks together. They’ve been a massive help to each other in all that’s been achieved at the club!"

Alan Shearer

"We don't know what Klopp has said to him there, he's said something that has riled him," he told Match of the Day. "He's obviously got the right hump with being left out and probably rightly so. Even though he hasn't hit the heights that Mo Salah has done over the years, he's been unbelievable.

"Ignores Jürgen, gives the Liverpool fans a little round of applause and goes straight down the tunnel but we're guessing as to what Jürgen said to him. I understand if Mo has got the right hump because the number of times he's been Liverpool's savior and Liverpool's superstar.

"He's got 17 in 25 league starts. Anyone else you'd look at that and think that was unbelievable. It's a shame it's going to end like that."

Peter Crouch

"It didn't look good. I can't say exactly what they're saying, it didn't look good, I don't think it looks good for the club.

"Listen Mo Salah is a player who starts the majority of games for Liverpool, he'll be fuming. He'll be fuming to be on the bench. Players like that who are expected to start are never happy, but no-one likes to see this, between a manager and a real key player."

Ally McCoist

"Not good at all. Particularly when you see Mo Salah coming back for another bite and one of his team-mates has to intervene. It does not look good, that kind of stuff should be behind closed doors."

Gabby Agbonlahor

"I think it's been coming from Salah. Salah's not a sub, mate. You can put Salah on the bench if you're doing rotation. But Salah has scored 210 goals and 86 assists for Liverpool.

"In a game against West Ham, a tough game, you don't give him 12 minutes mate. He's probably saying on the sideline '12 minutes? Come on, I'm Mo Salah, you wouldn't have won a trophy without me, Jürgen'.

"They wouldn't have won a trophy without Salah. Salah has been unbelievable for that football club. Where's the respect? And is Jürgen Klopp now causing problems for Liverpool's squad next season by upsetting players?

"There is talk of Salah leaving. Could this affect Salah now? You need to win a game in a title challenge, and you are giving your star player 12 minutes, so you can't blame him on the sideline. I think Klopp's got that wrong, disrespecting Salah."

Reaction from Liverpool fans

Tony Dav: "It's not the LFC way for a player to publicly remonstrate with manager or any member of the coaching staff. For me (going to Anfield since 1962 and a ST holder) and I suspect for many fans that's an absolute requirement for a player going forward. I suspect our new Sporting Director Richard Hughes might also agree (and he will be in charge of hiring and firing players since Arne Slot is coming in as Head Coach, not Manager)."

Kevlasvegas: "As far as I am concerned time is up for Salah and most likely he has played his last ever game for the club. For 6 years, our top player, but last few months he shows all the signs of being on the wane. New manager, complete fresh start and I don't see relying on a 32 year old front player being part of the plan for next season. Sell him on and get rid of the massive wage bill."

Rawred: "And I hope LFC choose their fine carefully. A 3 week wages fine…Mo spoke for a nation yesterday, he was a nobody until Klopp bought him and moulded him into the player he WAS! Disgusting, ungrateful behaviour…"

Last15minutes: "I'd be more concerned if Salah was happy not starting or if Klopp wasn't strong enough to bench any player he feels he needs to. Nothing to see here."

Joe9691: "A great servant to the club, we couldn’t have achieved what we have under Klopp without Mo, but it’s time to move on and use any funds from the sale of Mo and the savings from his high wages to rebuild the team under Slot."

Sunny7: "Liverpool FC comes first. The fans come first. I understand the frustration and disappointment has boiled over. They are winners because they hate losing so much. I think they need to stay professional with only 3 games to go. We can then thank them for their incredible service. A journey that had many highs, but also a lot of regrets. That’s life, but act like men now."