High ropes course and pet hospital approval among latest Hull and East Riding planning applications

A new high ropes course and the approval of an expanded pet hospital are among the latest planning applications dealt with in Hull and the East Riding.

Plans have been lodged this week for the high ropes course at Hull Karting in the east of the city. The application from People's Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA) to build a state-of-the-art animal hospital at their site on Brunswick Avenue has been approved.

In the East Riding, a dog grooming business is planned for a home's back garden in Howden. And a Hollym paddock could soon become a dog walking field if plans lodged with East Riding Council are approved.


High ropes course

People could soon get the chance to scale a 11m-high ropes course as go karts race below them at the council's Hull Karting site in Poorhouse Lane. The application lodged this week seeks to amend the one for the course approved in January to move it to an alternative area than the one originally proposed.

It comes as part of council efforts to make Hull Karting into a multi-activity offering and its existing building has already been adapted for the project. Course designs include a Jacob's ladder and crate stack and the council plans to let schools, community groups and others hire it out for team building days and other events.

A plan showing where the high ropes course would be located above the Hull Karting track
A plan showing where the high ropes course would be located above the Hull Karting track -Credit:Hull City Council

Pet hospital

Plans for a new expanded PDSA pet hospital were approved by Hull City Council's Planning Committee towards the end of last month. They were lodged to replace the existing hospital on the site which can no longer keep up with demand.

The charity carried out 15,493 consultations and performed 1,000 surgical procedures in Hull in 2023, helping 6,329 households in Hull. PDSA is now set to purchase land from the council and it will then begin building the hospital.

Dog grooming business

The owner of a home in Howden's Blakeys Crossing has applied to build an outbuilding for housing a dog grooming business in their garden. Their application stated it would replace an existing garden shed which would be demolished.

The business would operate from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday and there would be enough space at the front of the house for four cars to park. The business itself is yet to be established.

Dog walking field

A paddock on land north east of Allandale Northside Road, in Hollym in the Holderness area, could be set for a new lease of life as a dog walking field. It would be open to the public to book half an hour slots from 7am to 9pm daily so they could take their dogs and let them exercise their pets.

A maximum of six dogs would be allowed in at any one time and there would be parking for three cars. The site would be secured with a key code lock and surrounded by a 1.8m-high fence.