Hikers Airlifted From Florida's Big Cypress Preserve

Two hikers were rescued from the Big Cypress Preserve in Florida on Friday, August 26, after one suffered a medical emergency during a storm, according the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

Due to the severe weather, aircrews could not respond to the hikers, and a ground search was launched with assistance from the National Park Service, the office said.

After the weather cleared, Collier County Sheriff’s Office Air Rescue 1 were deployed, and the team located the hikers about one hour into the search, hoisting them to safety and flying them to a rest area where they were evaluated by paramedics.

“This rescue is a prime example of the great work of our Aviation Bureau,” said Sheriff Kevin Rambosk. “Whether it is a rescue or helping to extinguish brush fires or assisting our Patrol division, our Aviation Bureau is always ready to deploy.”

This footage shows the rescue team descending into the wooded areas, ascending with the hikers, and later flying to a rest stop. Credit: Collier County Sheriff’s Office Law & Order News via Storyful

Video transcript


- Usher 10, we have the hikers in sight.

- How's your lateral, Aaron?

- Harness is going out.

- All right, there's just below the skids.

- One and hold.

- All right, Charlie, all right.

- All right, hold your position here. Hover looks good.

- Two out.

- Usher 10, it's a good position here.

- And harness two is off, Orca.

- All right, two is just below the skids. Hold your position.

- All right, two is just above the deck.

- All right, they're ready for a double up. Oh! Double up pickup.

- Usher.

- All right, and teams prepare to take the load.

- Taking the load.

- They're clear of all obstacles.

- Usher. They're clear for [AUDIO OUT] forward if you wish.

- How's our flank doing?

- It's below the skid.

- Full level--

- RF, one has his hand on the skid.

- Two [INAUDIBLE] pull forward.

- 10-4.

- And they are on Orca.

- Roger.


- Orca's halfway out.

- And they are hooked up. Prepare to take the load.

- Raising the load.

- Oh. And bird's off of that power set.

- Wow, that's good.

- All right, all right, two and subject two.

- All right. I'm [INAUDIBLE].

- On the rim, you are clear for--


- On Orca.

- Copy.

- Put me in the middle of the cabin.



- They are in the cabin. Hoist complete. In route, space 63.

- When we get on the ground, take them out of the a-beds. Make sure they're good to go. Pass them off to the medics, and we're--

- They're all in the parking lot on [INAUDIBLE].

- Hold your--

- Going to be on the northbound side.

- Copy. Yeah, that's a heat-- Oh, no there's not. I thought there was a power line across here. All right, you're clear forward down, left.


- Good. Left to light pole over there, underneath it.

- You're good right.


- Pull forward again, yep.


- And 3, 2, and 1, skids are down.

- Bring the skids clear when you're done.