Hilarious footage captures moment dad falls off roof while cleaning windows

Hilarious footage shows the moment a dad fell off a roof while trying to clean the windows. Thomas Leather, 29, was trying to clean the skylight in his home extension - when he started slipping down the tiles. And before he can get his balance he slides off the roof entirely, hitting the gutter on the way down. The dad-of-one from Liverpool – who works as a roofer – luckily escaped without any major injuries. But wife Helen, 28, who says she’d just asked him to do ‘one job’, says he walked away with bruised pride. Helen said: “I’d asked him to do one job and clean the windows. “I was washing the dishes and then I heard this noise and thought he’d just dropped something. “We’ve got a little two-year-old boy who kept asking ‘daddy, why did you just do that?’ “He fell of it and is thankfully OK, he's just got a few scrapes and bruises and bruised pride.”