Hilary Duff wins million dollar lawsuit against female hygiene company

Hilary Duff has won a lawsuit after a three year legal battle credit:Bang Showbiz
Hilary Duff has won a lawsuit after a three year legal battle credit:Bang Showbiz

Hilary Duff has won a $1.25 million lawsuit against a female hygiene company.

The 36-year-old actress - who is currently pregnant with her fourth child - sued Naturalena in 2021 for failing to pay her endorsement fees, and now she has scored a big victory after a three year court battle.

As reported by The Blast, the brand's founder and CEO Adrian M. Forsyth signed a confession of judgement in favour of the star.

The written agreement - which is typically used to avoid a lengthy legal battle - willingly accepts the liability, as well as the amount of damages agreed upon.

It's said Forsyth has also agreed to cover "post-judgment interest, Duff’s attorney’s fees, and costs incurred concerning the enforcement of the judgment".

In her lawsuit, the 'Lizzy McGuire' actress claimed the company had used an "unforeseeable circumstances" clause in her contract to avoid paying her due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, she alleged that the reality was very diffrent, claiming "various press reports indicate that Naturalena experienced an increase in demand for its products during the COVID-19 pandemic".

The lawsuit added: "It's nothing more than a bad-faith attempt to exploit the COVID-19 pandemic to evade their clear contractual obligations."

When the 'How I Met Your Father' star first made the endorsement deal back in 2019, she was excited for the future with the brand.

She said in a statement at the time: "As parents, we want what’s best for our kids, and as a woman, it’s important to think about my own health when it comes to what I put in my body. Happy Little Camper and Veeda are changing the way we think about the products we use.

"I'm so excited to take on this role and help further our mission to provide clean, plant-based products that are safe and accessible for babies and moms."