Hilary Swank stars in first trailer for touching true story Ordinary Angels

Hilary Swank finds a renewed sense of purpose in the first official trailer for her forthcoming film Ordinary Angels.

Based on a true story, the poignant movie sees Swank lead as Sharon, a struggling hairdresser who becomes invested in helping a recently widowed father, Ed (Alan Ritchson), raise his two young daughters.

Shortly after his wife’s death, Ed’s youngest becomes critically ill and in desperate need of a liver transplant. To help him stay afloat with his mounting medical bills, Sharon rallies the entire community to raise money.

In the film’s trailer, Sharon is seen attending her first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, where she’s told to “find a reason to be here that’s bigger than you are”.

That’s when she finds herself picking up a newspaper with the front page headline: “Five-year-old girl loses mother, in fight for her own life.”

Ed struggles to raise his two young daughters in the tragic aftermath of his wife’s death.

“Something about that little girl, without a mama, sick and the family bled dry from all of the hospital bills – I think I’m supposed to help,” Sharon tells her coworker.

Hilary Swank in ‘Ordinary Angels’ (Lionsgate)
Hilary Swank in ‘Ordinary Angels’ (Lionsgate)

She then singlehandedly puts together a press kit for corporate donations and calls a meeting with the hospital board to ask them “to erase [the family’s medical bills]. All of them”.

When Ed’s daughter’s condition worsens, things are kicked into high gear. In order to save her life, she needs to be flown to the Children’s Hospital.

“We are going to save this little girl, you hear me!” Sharon yells, before admitting that it’s become her responsibility to save the little girl because “I’m here and I can”.

Ordinary Angels debuts in cinemas on 13 October and will mark Swank’s first project since she and her husband, Philip Schneider, welcomed twins in early April.