Historic Museum Damaged As Earthquake Strikes Puerto Rico

A 5.5-magnitude earthquake struck Puerto Rico on the morning of Saturday, May 2, causing damage to buildings on the island, including to the Ponce Massacre Museum, a human rights museum and historic building.

One of those on the scene was Osvaldo Rios, the popular Puerto Rican actor, and he shared videos showing the damage. Rios told Storyful he was in Puerto Rico working with aid agencies on the ground. Rios is on the board of the Global Empowerment Mission, an aid agency that has been working to distribute aid in Puerto Rico since the January 2020 earthquake.

According to the US Geological Survey, the quake hit just off the southern coast of the island, close to the towns of Guánica and Guayanilla.

Structural damage was reported in homes and buildings in a number of locations.

This video, recorded in Ponce, shows the damage caused to the Ponce Massacre Museum. Credit: Osvaldo Rios via Storyful