New 'Hitman' Challenge Wants You To Kill Conor McGregor

Hitman: World of Assassination just got a new challenge and it's to kill the famed MMA fighter, Conor McGregor.

The new Elusive Target sees a character dubbed "The Disruptor" who is a fighter with a relatively unknown past. The character sees McGregor's signature reddish hair, standout chest tattoo and McGregor's stomach tattoo. To complete the look, the figure dons sunglasses and a knee-length fur coat.

"Conor McGregor features in Hitman: World of Assassination as The Disruptor, a multi-millionaire MMA Fighter with worldwide fame who started a feud with the CEO of a prominent tech company, putting a target on his back in the process," reads an excerpt from the game. McGregor later continued, "The age of the Disruptor is here. I had a lot of fun creating the character and bringing him to life. I can’t wait for players to try to take him down. Agent 47 is in for the fight of his life."

The Disrupter Pack also includes items like an Irish kettlebell, fur coat, cane, money pit and more – all nodding to McGregor of course. Take a look at the Elusive Target Reveal in the video above. Players are currently able to access the new challenge for free across all Hitman: World of Assassination platforms.