Holidaymaker in stitches after garlic bread order is taken literally

A holidaymaker was gobsmacked when the waiter took her garlic bread order literally - serving her a dry pizza base with garlic slices scattered over it. Hollie Harrison flew out to Thailand for two weeks with her boyfriend and her family for her mum's wedding and also celebrated her birthday while out there.

The business administration apprentice had ordered a cocktail along with some garlic bread, which she requested on a pizza base rather than on a baguette. But the 20-year-old's request was lost in translation and she was left with her 'jaw on the floor' when the server laid down a plate of bread with sliced garlic cloves on.

The dish cost her about £3 (150 baht) from the Italian restaurant in Khao Lak, Thailand, and left her and the whole family 'giggling' at the poor chef's mistake. Hollie said: "They had garlic bread on the menu, but as a baguette version.

"I asked them if they would be able to make a pizza bread version. They said 'yes' with no hesitation, implying they knew exactly what I meant. As me and my party were having a few cocktails, we were all a bit merry.

"When I was served the garlic bread, my jaw was on the floor. I looked around to make sure everyone else had seen what I had just been served and we were all in stitches laughing.

"We were in disbelief that the chef in the kitchen had confidently sliced up a garlic clove and sprinkled it onto some dough. I looked back up to their server to see him smiling thinking they had done a good job, bless them.

"Although I was disappointed because I was hungry, I couldn't help but giggle and at the same time felt bad for laughing in front of the server. I just genuinely couldn't believe the chef was confidently making this thinking 'yeah that looks good'."

Hollie's boyfriend soon rectified the restaurant's mistake and explained that she had meant for them to use the same garlic butter as on their garlic baguette but on a pizza base. Despite the chef's blunder, the misunderstanding was soon rectified and Hollie says it hasn't put her off ordering garlic bread abroad in the future.

Hollie said: "My partner explained to him that we meant to use the same garlic butter they use on the baguette style, but on a pizza dough. They tried again and the second attempt was much better and was just what I was wanting.

"I have never seen anything like this, which is why I had to post it as it was so funny. Other than this, the food in Thailand was amazing and hit the spot every time.

"When I posted it online, it blew up instantly. I sent this video to all my friends and family and they all thought it was so bizarre and hilarious. I still love garlic bread just as much and will continue to order it. This was just a funny harmless misunderstanding."