Holly Humberstone Gets Vulnerable About Her 'Double Life' as a Singer and Homebody on Her New Album (Exclusive)

Humberstone's debut album 'Paint My Bedroom Black' is out Friday

<p>Constantine, Spence</p> Holly Humberstone

Constantine, Spence

Holly Humberstone

Holly Humberstone doesn't have it all figured out — and she wants to bring fans along for the ride.

The rising star, who grew up in rural Grantham, England, is ready to make her mark with the release of her debut album Paint My Bedroom Black on Friday.

The record served as a diary of sorts for Humberstone while she was on the road in 2021, experiencing the thrill of performing and the loneliness of hotel rooms.

"If you listen to it from start to finish, it's just a bit of an emotional rollercoaster," the 23-year-old singer says. "In every track, it's all over the place. I feel like it's chaos, which is how my head was for that whole year."

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She adds, "I'm just a regular 20-something-year-old trying to figure my stuff out. It became my diary entry, and I really relied on the album and the writing sessions to feel like myself again. I hope people can recognize that I haven't got it figured out — and that's okay."

<p>Constantine, Spence</p> Holly Humberstone

Constantine, Spence

Holly Humberstone

Humberstone wrote the title track of the album when she had a two-day break on the road and she poured her heart into it, creating a foundation for the entirety of the project centered on feeling disconnected from her life back home.

"I find on tour I have the best times... and then it's only natural to have really low points as well. Every day you wake up in a strange place, and you have really, really intense days doing shows, and promo, and meeting people in a new city," the "Scarlett" singer explains. "Then I would get into my hotel room at night, shut the door, and it would just be silent. I would doom scroll on my phone and see all my friends back at home."

"There's one line in one of the songs called 'Ghost Me,' and it says, 'The more I see, the less I know and this feels like 'The Truman Show,'" she continues. "I did start to feel like I was living a double life that I just wasn't really familiar with. I'd lost touch a little bit with who I was, along with the people back at home that I feel ground me."

There's a lot of pressure that comes with writing a debut album, but Humberstone quickly realized that the only person she should be writing for is herself.

"The moment that I stopped trying to write to appease other people, and the moment that I just took the pressure off and wrote about stuff that I genuinely care about, that was the moment where I felt like the album started coming together," she explains.

One of Humberstone's personal favorites on the album is "Elvis Impersonators," which she wrote about her sister who lives in Japan.

"It's just really strange," she says. "It's a song about her being on the other side of the world and having a completely different life to me. It's a pretty basic song, but to me, it was a really hard one to write."

<p>Constantine, Spence</p> Holly Humberstone

Constantine, Spence

Holly Humberstone

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Humberstone — who opened for Olivia Rodrigo on her Sour Tour in 2022 — always knew that music was her path.

"As a kid, I was an average student. I had really supportive parents," says Humberstone, who fell in love with music playing her mom's piano. "I would just want to come home from school, sit at the piano, and write songs. I didn't grow up in London or anything. I grew up in a really rural part of the U.K. where being a musician [seemed] like a bit of a joke. It would never actually happen. You would just end up working at the supermarket, which is also fine."

She concludes, "It is the only thing that I ever really cared about doing. I'm really lucky that it's worked out because I really wouldn't want to be doing anything else."

Paint My Bedroom Black is out now.

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