Holly Willoughby appears drunk on 'This Morning' interview

She’s famously presented This Morning hungover after a night at the National Television Awards with Phillip Schofield – but now Holly Willoughby has gone one step further and appeared on the show mid-night-out.

The presenter has been filling in for Ant McPartlin on I’m a Celebrity and linked up with her normal day job at This Morning to talk about the series finale, but it soon became clear that she was a little tipsy.

A very chatty, smiley Willoughby eventually admitted to calling in from the street outside the wrap party, holding up her glass to show she was halfway through a drink.

She started out explaining: “I’ve never been up this late, I’ve never seen nighttime in Australia. I go to bed at 5.30pm and then I get up at 2am. So there is no nighttime.”

Then she admitted: “I’ve actually walked out of the wrap party. Cheers!”

As Rochelle Humes asked her what was in her glass, she replied: “Always a margarita.”


It sounded like she wasn’t the only one hitting the free bar, as Willoughby continued: “Dec (Donnelly) just gave me a massive chip to use as a microphone with a big blob of mayonnaise on it.”

When Schofield said he had been confused about why she was out on the street, Willoughby said: “I am out on the street. I look like I’ve fallen out with my boyfriend because I’m hanging out outside the bar.”

She gave viewers a better view of it, explaining: “It says jungle is massive.”

Her co-host Schofield said: “God, we’ve only got four minutes here because she’s going to be on her knees in a moment.”

Willoughby was also noted for her terror of everything in the jungle, sometimes screaming more than the campmates during Bushtucker Trials.

She admitted about the colosseum-themed task where Noel Edmonds made his entrance: “This bit didn’t make it to air, but I had one green ant bite me and I burst into tears, and ran out because I was so embarrassed I was crying.

“At that moment I was like, you’ve got to pull yourself together now.”

As Schofield and Humes sent her back to the wrap party, Willoughby raised her glass again and bellowed in her best Australian accent: “I love you!”

We can’t wait to see her back on This Morning next week.

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