Hollyoaks' Abe Fielding to be caught out in Arlo story

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Abe Fielding will be caught over his lies about his younger brother Arlo in Hollyoaks.

It was revealed last month that Abe had lied about his brother Arlo's whereabouts, allowing his mother Marie to believe that the boy was kidnapped even though he was staying with his father.

Arlo has since turned up in Chester, though Abe has been able to keep the truth from coming out about his involvement in the boy's disappearance until now.

In scenes airing next week, Arlo has a check-in with a social worker and while it seems to go well, a mysterious phone call reveals he might be hiding something.

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Marie is busy trying to plan a birthday party for Arlo at the Lomaxes' house. Arlo ultimately runs away after text messages from his dad and disappointment over Marie's birthday gift.

Viewers will see Arlo's stepmother reappearing to bring him the tablet he'd been asking for. Marie then examines the device, where she finds a photo that uncovers a massive family betrayal.

Marie questions Arlo about the photo, with her son finally revealing Abe's part in his disappearance. She is shattered to learn Abe had told his brother that Marie didn't want to take care of him.

This revelation sends Marie on a downward spiral and she relapses. Abe takes time off work to help comfort Marie, as she admits she's now questioning her fitness as a mother.

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Cleo gets involved to try to make peace with Marie following their recent rows, but she's thoroughly rejected by Abe's mother.

Marie later feels bad and urges Abe to make up with the McQueens on her behalf. Abe tries to sort things and is eventually able to get the McQueens back on side.

Will Abe face a backlash for his mum's shocking discovery?

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