Hollyoaks to air huge summer mystery story for Warren Fox

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks sets up a huge summer storyline next week as Warren Fox's latest enemy causes further problems for him.

Warren's life is about to become a complete misery thanks to a mysterious gangster known only as 'Blue'.

Viewers recently saw Warren have a lucky escape as somebody tried to gun him down in the middle of the village. He only escaped with his life as he'd taken the precaution of wearing a bulletproof vest.

Warren subsequently fled from the village alongside Mercedes McQueen, fearing for his own safety after receiving a threat over the phone. However, the on-off couple make a return next week as Warren is determined to be around for Ste Hay's sentencing over Ella Richardson's death.

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Warren and Mercedes wait at the club for news on how the case went. They're both surprised when Ste returns as a free man, as the case against him has collapsed due to a legal technicality.

Baffled over how this happened, Warren starts to worry that this is all part of the ongoing vendetta that someone has against him. He'd hoped that Ste would serve a prison sentence for causing the death of his daughter.

This theory proves to be correct as Ste later receives a strange message from the person who helped him to escape a jail sentence. The mystery individual signs himself off as 'Blue'.

Later, police detective Zoe Anderson arrives at The Loft and informs Warren that she's on the trail of 'Blue'.

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'Blue' has been missing since 2017, but Zoe suspects he is connected with the recent shooting as they have found coloured paint on the bullet.

The dates tie in with Freddie's prison stint, but could he be the mysterious 'Blue' or is it someone else?

Digital Spy can confirm that the Blue mystery will run over the summer, building up to the huge changes ahead for Hollyoaks in September when the show jumps forward by a year.

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