Hollyoaks to air shock Eric and Maxine prison visit scenes

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks airs sinister scenes next week as Eric Foster and Maxine Minniver come face-to-face again.

Eric is hoping to secure a reduction in his sentence if he successfully manipulates Maxine, but when they clash again, it becomes disturbingly clear that the villain hasn't changed at all.

When Maxine agrees to the prison visit, she plans to take back control and remove any power that Eric still thinks he has left over her.

Maxine initially listens to what Eric has to say when she meets him in the jail's visiting room, but it doesn't take long before her patience wears thin.

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Understandably angry after Eric's horrifying behaviour over the past few months, Maxine accuses him of making excuses for his actions.

Maxine has been given strict instructions from James Nightingale over how to handle the meeting, but she takes matters into her own hands and insists on being left alone with Eric.

No longer afraid of the man who abducted her, Maxine tells Eric that she wants to understand. Eric shows that he hasn't changed his mindset when he bitterly blames women for his life's failures.

Maxine stands up to Eric and encourages him to accept that he's the only one to blame, but their conversation takes a shocking turn.

eric foster in hollyoaks
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Later in the week, Eric's brother Tony Hutchinson receives his own phone call from the inmate.

Eric asks Tony to visit him at the prison, claiming that he wants to explain why he ended up how he is.

Tony considers it, but soon crosses paths with Maxine and becomes worried to discover an injury on her face.

When Tony is told that violent Eric is responsible for Maxine's injury, it dawns on him that his evil brother still hasn't changed. Will he cut ties with Eric for good?

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