Hollyoaks airs breakthrough for Maxine Minniver after Eric attack

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has aired a big breakthrough for Maxine Minniver, follow months of radicalised mysogynist Eric Foster trying to destroy her life, and a recent confrontation in prison where he physically attacked her.

Following on from a recent episode in which Eric called up Tony Hutchinson and invited him to a meeting where he promised to discuss why he is the way he is, in tonight's (May 9) first-look episode, Tony decided not to go and instead went to Verity's grave. There he met up with Maxine and together they made a pact to not give Eric any more thought and move on with their lives, as that's the best way to stick it to him.

"I'm refusing to play Eric's games," Tony said.

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"For a split second, I thought I could make sense of it, maybe try and understand him. But then seeing you, the pain he's still causing, I realised he's never going to want to genuinely explain or atone for what he did. He only wants control, and I for one don't plan on wasting any more of my energy on him."

"You're right, he loves to spew all those hateful ideas, but if no-one's listening then he's powerless," Maxine replied.

"Exactly," Tony said. "I mean, right now, Eric is realising what a small man he really is. No online followers, no family, no friends. He's a nobody."

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"Yeah, and me and you, we've won. We're out here trying to live our lives and move on." Maxine concluded. "It really is over, isn't it?"

As the two looked towards the future, the show cut to Eric sobbing alone in his cell as the door was slammed shut on him, physically metaphorically closing the door on the character's time in Hollyoaks.

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