Hollyoaks airs Cindy Cunningham setback ahead of robbery plot

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Tonight's (April 28) first look episode of Hollyoaks saw Cindy Cunningham face another setback as she continued with her plans to rebuild the Grand Bazaar market.

Following Norma Crow and Warren Fox's car crash, the village market has been in a state of disrepair and Cindy has become increasingly desperate to raise the funds for a revamp, leading her to consider drastic measures to secure the cash.

Hoping to buy Cindy some more time, Zara Morgan headed to see Tony Hutchinson in hopes that the councillor will be able to persuade bank manager Alex into providing a loan.

However Tony was reluctant to help, until an intervention from Diane convinced him to come to his ex-wife's aid.

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Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse when a well-intentioned Tony accidentally brought up Cindy's previous failed business ventures during the meeting to a shocked Alex, giving her a bad impression of the market owner.

"Look I'm sorry," Alex said, cutting Tony's speech short.

"This Cindy doesn't sound like a good candidate for a business proposition, does she."

Later on, Cindy and Zara returned to the Dog hoping to hear good news from Tony. But the guilty councillor was forced to admit he'd not only damaged their hopes of getting support from the bank, but accelerated its repossession.

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"Alex decided that Cindy was too great of a risk and because of that she wants to accelerate the sale of the market," he admitted.

"It's having its official valuation tomorrow."

Cindy was left despondent by the news and told the pair that she wasn't sure what do to next. But Zara remained defiant in their plans to save the bazaar.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures," Zara replied.

How far will the pair go to save the market?

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