Hollyoaks airs disturbing drugs twist for Charlie Dean

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Hollyoaks has aired a disturbing drugs twist for Charlie Dean as the teenager faced mounting threats from his dealer Taz in tonight's (May 19) first look episode.

Struggling to cope with the pressure from his upcoming school exams and the news of Morgan's impending operation, Charlie turned to recreational drugs use in order to cope with his feelings.

Desperate for a break from Darren's gruelling revision schedule, the teenager slipped away to meet Taz.

However, the dealer's patience with the teenager was running low as he issued a stark warning to settle his debts within the next 24 hours.

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"I am sick of you asking and not paying for what you already owe. It's time to settle up," Taz threatened.

"24 hours or that exam is going to be the least of your worries."

Back at school, Charlie's concentration continued to deteriorate as he struggled to focus during band rehearsals, disassociating during the performance.

Unfortunately for the teenager, his situation continued to get worse as he received another text from Taz asking him to meet-up by Felix Westwood's new youth centre.

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Lurking in the shadows and watching as Felix received a delivery, Taz revealed to a horrified Charlie that it was him who had vandalised the centre earlier in hopes that it would cause Felix to abandon the project.

He then added that he'd be willing to forget Charlie's drug debts, but not before he took his intimidation tactics a step further.

"Come tomorrow, you're going to teach him a lesson he'll never forget," he instructed the teenager.

What is Taz planning?

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