Hollyoaks airs disturbing Pride twist for Carter and Lucas

Hollyoaks spoilers follow from Thursday's episode on Channel 4 streaming, which doesn't air on E4 until Friday.

Hollyoaks aired a disturbing twist for Carter Shepherd and Lucas Hay ahead of the Pride Festival.

The Hollyoaks High headmaster, in cahoots with Declan Hawthorne, has been attempting to radicalise students for their religious conversion therapy, with their tactics being to demonise the LGBTQ+ community.

Lucas, previously accepting of gay people, has turned to hatred despite harbouring feelings for friend Dillon, and tonight's (April 25) first-look episode began as John Paul aimed to get to the root cause of his homophobia.

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Referencing Lucas' previous comfortability around gay people, John Paul asked him to discuss his feelings towards Dillon, with Lucas coming out of his shell as he listed all the things he admired about him.

John Paul then recalled his own history in a bid to show Lucas that he could empathise with him, before urging Lucas to consider Dillon's feelings as well his own. Lucas agreed with his advice, pleading to make it up to Dillon.

With the help of Sally, the pair talked about the upcoming Pride Week, with Lucas remarking that headmaster Carter supported his queer students. John Paul, who had previously shared a kiss with a closeted Carter, saw an opportunity to expose his true colours by inviting him to speak.

Carter, meanwhile, was speaking to Diane, who was still struggling to come to terms with son Ro coming out as trans. Carter sensed an opportunity to introduce Ro to his conversion therapy, but John Paul arrived to inform him of the situation regarding Lucas.

carter shepherd and lucas hay in hollyoaks
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As he gleefully told Carter that Lucas had helped out with plans for the festival, John Paul reiterated his intention to keep the children safe from dangerous ideologies, leaving Carter to enact the next step of his plan.

As Lucas arrived at school, Carter chastised him for going back on their agreement, but a scheming Lucas revealed that his acceptance of John Paul and Dillon was merely an act, with the teenager vowing to give the village a "Pride to remember"...

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