Hollyoaks airs exit scenes for Norma Crow after abuse revelations

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has aired exit scenes for Norma Crow after the recent revelations about her son Warren's abusive father.

Previously, it was revealed that Warren Fox's dad was an abusive bully — and that led to Norma killing the man and burying him. Later, Warren discovered the truth in an emotional scene where Norma promised they'd bury their past together.

Tonight's first look episode (April 17) saw Norma leave Hollyoaks (for now).

Earlier on, Felix had warned Warren that Norma isn't to be trusted as she previously tried to flee the country with Warren's kids.

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"Warren and I faced our demons and after some difficult discussions, we finally laid them to rest," Norma said. Felix wasn't satisfied and told Warren that Sienna would be fuming about Norma being back in his life.

"I never imagined these words would leave my lips, but Felix is right. Call Sienna and invite her to The Dog for a drink. It's time we cleared the air," Norma said.

Later, Sienna exploded upon the sight of Norma and demanded an explanation.

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"You deserve an apology and I wanted to give it in person," Norma said. "What I did is the worst thing that one mother can do to another. I don't expect forgiveness and all I ask is a chance to reconnect with my son."

But Sienna didn't buy it and gave Warren an ultimatum — if Norma was staying in the village, neither Norma nor Warren would see the children again. Norma told Warren she would leave the village, understanding Sienna's anger.

Warren protested, but Norma said she wouldn't leave forever, just until Sienna has calmed down.

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"You'd think we'd be used to all these goodbyes by now, wouldn't you? Some things never change," Norma said.

Later, Mercedes revealed the truth about Warren's dad to Sienna. Mercedes said Norma deserved a chance to be a better parent and said that Norma was going away for Sienna's benefit.

Sienna allowed Sophie and Sebastian to go with Mercedes and say goodbye to their nan. Norma then departed in a taxi, but this isn't the last we'll be seeing of Glynis Barber's character...

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