Hollyoaks airs reversal for Zara over robbery plot

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks aired a major twist in the bank robbery storyline during Wednesday (May 3)'s E4 first-look episode, as Zara Morgan decided to aid Cindy Cunningham and Grace Black in their scheme to round up the money to restore the village market to its former glory.

The latest first-look episode began with Grace and Zara being released from the police station, but not before Zara was questioned about her outstanding criminal conviction from her time in Thailand. She accidentally exposed her bare bum on Thai TV after the wind blew her sarong up.

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Not wanting to go through that ordeal again, the duo were dead set against Cindy's bank robbery idea... but it didn't take long for Grace to be convinced again.

Worried that her friends would end up behind bars, Zara planned to go to the police and tell them about the robbery.

But she then heard from Alex that there were plans to remove and crush Luke's memorial phone box over complaints it was "an eyesore" and "devalued" the area. Furious at how the council could be so disrespectful, Zara had a change of heart and pledged to join Cindy and Grace with their plan.

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"Do you know what I am furious about? Greedy businesses that think they can trample over ordinary people" she said. "I am sick of these big companies pretending they care when they don't. All they think about is themselves and their profits, and I have had enough."

She then ominously added: "It's time to fight back and teach them a lesson they won't forget. Let's rob this bank for every single penny they've got."

In scenes set to air next week though, Cindy will find herself caught out over the dramatic plan.

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