Hollyoaks airs shock arrest after Ste Hay death confession

Hollyoaks spoilers follow from Monday's episode on Channel 4 streaming, which doesn't air on E4 until Tuesday.

Following Friday's episode of Hollyoaks, in which Ste confessed to James that he was the one responsible for Ella Richardson's death, tonight's (February 12) first look episode saw Ste continue to spiral.

Having spent the night on the doorstep to stop Ste leaving the house in search of drugs, James returned home in the hope that Ste would have calmed down.

Ste immediately searched James for drugs, telling him the only thing that would help him is to "get numb".

James implored Ste to face up to what he had done and confess. But Ste refused, saying: "If I do that, everything is going to fall apart." To which James responded: "What do you call this? Scaring the kids, begging for drugs? Is this not falling apart?"

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After filling James in on the details of the crash, including where he hid Ella's shoe, Ste continued asking his husband for drugs, insisting that the "only way to get away from this is getting away from myself".

James, however, told him the only thing that will help him is to go to the police. Ste aired concerns over being inside, believing that Ella's dad Warren would have him killed.

However, Ste, still obsessed with needing drugs, finally agreed to ring the police – but only if James helped him get "just one final score". James agreed to this request and went to meet Ste's dealer, Kane, to pick up the crystal meth.

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Initially, Kane refused to sell to him, but James eventually persuaded him. Kane asked James if the person he was buying for was really a friend – that usually friends keep people away from drugs like crystal meth.

Kane's words must have hit home as, upon returning home, James stopped Ste confessing his crime to his kids, claiming Ste was simply talking about going to rehab. In a private moment, James told Ste that he couldn’t live without him, that he wouldn’t tell the police what he did.

Instead, he told Ste not to worry as he’s sorted everything out. Meanwhile, the police arrested Kane and searched his car, finding Ella’s shoe under the driver’s seat.

"You never killed Ella," James told Ste, while Ste nodded in appreciation.

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