Hollyoaks airs troubling Frankie Osborne scenes in abuse story

The following article references sexual abuse and sibling abuse.

Hollyoaks spoilers follow from Wednesday's episode on Channel 4 streaming, which doesn't air on E4 until Thursday.

Hollyoaks has aired troubling scenes for Frankie Osborne as her sibling sexual abuse storyline continues.

The teen was hospitalised in Wednesday's (March 13) first-look episode after being found unconscious after a day of binge-drinking.

Frankie recently accused her grandfather Jack of improperly touching her, though she's in the process of recovering memories that it was her brother JJ who'd abused her years ago.

Prior to her hospitalisation, Frankie was not at all thrilled to hear that her brother JJ had signed for an under-18s football club.

While Darren and Jack rallied around JJ to celebrate the big news, Frankie decided to bunk off school and drink a bottle of wine she'd found around the house.

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Nancy later discovered Frankie unconscious and called 999 to get her to the hospital immediately.

As Frankie's parents waited for updates at the hospital some time later, Suzanne suspected Frankie must be dealing with something she hasn't told them about.

The two were relieved when Sharon Bailey delivered the news that Frankie was "responding very well" to treatment but wasn't ready to see any visitors. "Frankie is feeling very delicate. She just needs a little more time," Sharon told Darren and Suzanne.

When Sharon visited Frankie at her bedside, the teen was most concerned about whether or not JJ was waiting with the rest of the family.

"I'm sure your brother will be joining them very soon," Sharon revealed to a nervous Frankie.

Sharon offered her resources or the opportunity to speak to a counselor, but a tearful Frankie refused to see or speak to anyone.

"I won't want to ever go home," she cried out.

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Suzanne and Darren soon barged in to Frankie's hospital room without her permission. Darren promised Frankie that "things will be different" if she agrees to come home.

"I think I know why you're so upset, Luv. It's because of JJ, isn't it?" Suzanne asked.

Frankie appeared to be ready to open up, but Suzanne suggested she was feeling jealous about JJ's football club offer. The teen felt pressure from her family, so she reluctantly agreed with her mum's theory.

Frankie was left unsettled when JJ soon showed up, and after Suzanne left the siblings alone together, he promised his football career would have the family "living the high life".

"Don't get upset, Frankie. It won't be long until you're home again," JJ alarmingly said.

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Hollyoaks producers are working with advocacy group SARSAS to shine a spotlight on the issue of sibling sexual abuse, an issue that has traditonally been under-reported.

A Hollyoaks spokesperson has said of the storyline: “It remains a hidden, chronically under-estimated and untreated form of child sexual abuse. It continues to be ignored, played down, or denied by parents, professionals, and authorities as harmless or non-threatening childhood sexual experimentation that does not require attention.

“This is despite the known lifetime effects of sexual violence and abuse on the health and happiness of survivors.”

Hollyoaks streams first online via Channel 4 each weekday at 7.30pm. Episodes then air on E4 the following day, before getting their YouTube premiere a week after that.

Selected omnibus episodes are available via Prime Video.

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Hollyoaks has been working on Frankie's story with guidance from SARSAS, which provides specialist services and resources for those who have experienced any form of sexual violence.

More information is available from Rape Crisis England and Wales, who work towards the elimination of all forms of sexual violence and sexual misconduct, on their website or by calling the National Rape Crisis Helpline on 0808 802 9999. Rape Crisis Scotland’s helpline number is 08088 01 03 02.

Readers in the US are encouraged to contact RAINN, or the National Sexual Assault Hotline on 800-656-4673.

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