Hollyoaks' Charlie confesses over Vicky drugs ordeal

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Charlie Dean had confessed over his involvement in Vicky Grant's drugs ordeal in Hollyoaks.

Viewers know that Charlie and friend Leah Barnes are actually responsible for bringing the drugs Vicky accidentally took on the night she collapsed.

While Vicky took the blame initially because she's moving away, her return this week has put the spotlight back on the teens, especially in light of Charlie's own destructive behaviour.

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Friday's first-look episode opened with Charlie taking cannabis to drown out the drama in his life, though he was immediately thrust into suspicious circumstances.

When he snuck home during the school day, Jack convinced Charlie and Darren to help him workshop his Frank Sinatra singing performance.

Nancy and Scott soon arrived asking to speak with Charlie about whether he had any information regarding Vicky's collapse.

Oscar was rifling through Charlie's bags and found the tin where he kept his cannabis cigarettes, outing his brother in front of everyone.

Darren initially jumped to Charlie's defence, insisting the teen smoking marijuana didn't exactly make him drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. However, the tide turned against Charlie when Scott asked if he'd known how Vicky was drugged.

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"He does have a history of selling, doesn't he? And we know those drug gangs are still knocking about," Scott gently pointed out.

Scott warned them he'd "carry on asking some difficult questions" in order to get to the bottom of Vicky's drugging, sending Charlie literally running away from the table and fleeing out of the house!

Charlie met up with Leah to reveal that he wanted to confess. When he became paranoid someone was watching their conversation, Leah ordered him to "smoke less weed" and keep quiet.

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Charlie returned home to face more questioning from Nancy and Darren, and while having flashbacks to Vicky collapsing, he finally broke down.

"It was my fault what happened to Vicky," Charlie revealed.

After he explained about bringing ecstasy to the camping trip and accidentally spiking Vicky's drink, the family were left struggling over how to make things right with Scott and Vicky.

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