Hollyoaks confirms details on Cindy and Dave wedding tragedy

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has confirmed new details on Cindy and Dave's wedding tragedy.

The soap has revealed that a bottle of dodgy pills sold by local gangster Warren Fox will have life-threatening consequences on Cindy and Dave's wedding guests next week.

The week will start with Cindy bonding with future stepdaughter Lizzie as they prepare for the wedding before they discover a huge mistake could derail everything.

Dave has accidentally booked the wrong year for their wedding venue, so all of their plans are in doubt. Lizzie tries to save the day by offering the Love Boat as an alternative venue.

In the end, Cindy turns down Lizzie's offer because The Love Boat was such a special place for her and late husband Luke Morgan.

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While the couple decide to move their wedding to The Loft, Lizzie is distracted by a visit with a social worker for a lead on the child she gave up as a teenager.

Dave risks a bad omen by visiting Cindy before their wedding. Later, he's talked around by his son Mason and brother Ethan about this huge day.

Lizzie has a heart-to-heart with her father before the nuptials, where she reveals the child she gave up would now be 10 years old.

The wedding soon goes ahead, but there are alarming signs at the reception when a packet of pills is passed around for the wedding guests.

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Meanwhile, drug dealer Warren reads an alarming article about recent drug deaths in the area. Warren sends Ste Hay out as a precaution to find the pills he'd recently sold.

Ste tries his best to track down all of the pills, but he misses some that Dilly is holding onto. Viewers will see Dilly offering Prince some pills at the reception.

Before long, Dilly, Prince, Hunter and Zoe start to feel unwell after taking the pills. The foursome makes a pact to keep quiet, but will tragedy strike anyway?

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With Hunter McQueen expected to meet a deadly fate soon, and exits looming for Cindy and Warren, the fallout from this wedding disaster could be massive.

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