Hollyoaks confirms new details of Robbie Roscoe return in death aftermath

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has shared further details about Robbie Roscoe's return.

It was confirmed last month that Charlie Wernham will reprise his role as Robbie and now Hollyoaks has revealed how his return comes about.

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Following daughter Lizzie's death last week, Dave Chen-Williams is struggling. His wife Cindy tries to help by attempting to track down the baby Lizzie gave away when she was a teenager.

Dave tells Cindy to back off, but Cindy meets with Lizzie's former support worker anyway.

Later, Dave tells Cindy that he has been seeing his sobriety sponsor because she's causing him to become stressed by looking for Lizzie's child. Cindy lies to her husband and tells him she has given up the search.

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Elsewhere, Hannah Ashworth tries to persuade Pearl and Zoe to take her mum Suzanne in after she's thrown out of the B&B.

Hannah's escort work means she can't have her mum with her, so Hannah is relieved when Pearl and Zoe agree, though they may end up regretting that decision.

Hannah goes off to meet a client and discovers it's Dave! He pours his heart out to Hannah and then leaves his wallet behind, which she snatches up. Dave calls Hannah later on, believing they have formed a bond, and tells her she is the only person he can talk to.

Hannah then receives another visitor. The door opens to reveal Robbie Roscoe!

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Later, once he notices the missing wallet, Dave asks Hannah for it back. However, after an awkward meeting in The Dog between Hannah and Cindy, Dave tells Hannah she can have the money in return for keeping quiet about his visit to an escort.

These scenes will air next week.

Previously, a teaser clip revealed that Hannah was looking to extort further cash from Dave, with Robbie, who had got to know Hannah away from the village, being firmly against the idea. "Hannah, we agreed – no repeat clients. You sleep with them, you rob them, you move on," he tells her.

The clip sees Hannah argue back that Cindy's husband is vulnerable and would likely have money. She also insists that they will be taking that family "for all its worth".

Viewers don't have long to discover how this story plays out.

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