Hollyoaks confirms who stole from Felix's youth club

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Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has revealed that Charlie Dean stole video game consoles from Felix Westwood's youth club.

The theft has previously been teased, though there were stong hints that drugs dealer Taz and his crew would steal the consoles as a way to prevent the youth club from opening.

While these theories were on the right path, Monday's (May 22) first-look episode revealed Charlie was blackmailed into thieving from the club to pay off a drug debt to Taz.

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Charlie was frightened of the consequences if he crossed Taz, so he snuck into the club and pilfered the valuable consoles without anyone finding out — at first.

The teen returned home with a backpack full of stolen consoles to find Darren waiting for him with his teacher, Beau Ramsey. The two adults wanted to know why Charlie had missed his exam.

In a panicked state, Charlie pointed to the sick on his paints from nervousness to claim he'd been ill and that's why he didn't make the exam on time.

While Charlie thought he was in the clear, he made the gigantic mistake of leaving his backpack sitting out. Darren was later explaining to Jack that he hadn't yet spoken to Nancy about Charlie's troubles.

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Darren suspiciously opened the backpack to find a pile of game pads and consoles just as Charlie walked back into the room.

Charlie's eyes grew wide as Darren and Jack angrily ordered him to explain why he had all of this expensive gaming kit in his bag.

Will Charlie come clean to Darren and Jack about his debt to drugs dealer Taz?

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