Hollyoaks to continue Lucas and Dillon’s feud with Tom

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks will see the feud between Lucas Hay and Dillon Ray with Tom Cunningham come to a resolution in upcoming scenes.

The couple have started a business selling cans in the park to try and raise some funds to go on holiday to Cornwall together, but Tom tells them that they don't have a permit.

He gets Zoe Anderson to shut down Dillon and Lucas' venture but the pair don't take long to retaliate. They post a video of Tom falling in the paddling pool online, to which Tom replies by starting a poster campaign to discredit their business.

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Liberty Savage, who has just started her own hanging basket business, offers Lucas and Dillon a helping hand when she signs them up to work for her, thus proving Tom wrong.

Later on, Tom reconsiders his actions and offers Dillon and Lucas a job.

The couple didn't have an easy start as Dillon's aunt Misbah Maalik meddled in the budding romance, concerned over her nephew's safety around Lucas' recent violent outbursts following his brainwashing by 'conversion therapist' Carter Shepherd.

After patching things up, the teens continued their relationship in secret until they finally convinced Misbah to let them be together.

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Dillon actor Nathaniel Dass weighed in on his character's future with Lucas in a chat with Digital Spy, saying he'd love to see the young couple happy.

"I think after everything they've been through, it would be lovely to see them just be happy together," he shared.

"But knowing the track record of Hollyoaks, I can guarantee that there's probably going to be things that mess it up or get in the way. Fingers crossed, we'll see. Hopefully, they'll be happy together, I'd like to see that."

These scenes will air next week.

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