Hollyoaks' DeMarcus makes disturbing deal with Warren

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

DeMarcus Westwood has made a shocking deal with Warren Fox in Hollyoaks.

This unexpected alliance came about in Wednesday's (March 1) first-look episode on E4, because both were wary of Felix's newfound romantic relationship with Mercedes McQueen.

Felix initially seemed to smooth things over by revealing he'd been working on a car for Felix to practise in before his driving test in a few months.

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"If you think this makes up for having Mercedes over… it does," DeMarcus told his dad. "We're cool."

However, DeMarcus soon found out it was Mercedes who'd smashed up the car in the first place and it raised even more red flags for him about his dad's girlfriend.

Following a near-fatal accident when DeMarcus was working under the hood, he went to Warren privately to help him break up the new couple.

DeMarcus argued that the last thing Felix needs is a romantic relationship because he fell to pieces after splitting with DeMarcus's mum and later Martine.

"He's my dad, I love him. I just don't trust her not to hurt him," DeMarcus explained.

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Warren came around to DeMarcus's side and went to visit Mercedes, where he learned all about the money problems the McQueens are facing due to Sally being sacked from Hollyoaks High.

"You're like cockroaches, always scrounging around for a few quid," Warren sneered. "Do you really want to live your lives like that? Always looking over your shoulder?"

Warren then offered the McQueens more than enough money to solve their financial problems… provided Mercedes end things with Felix.

What will Mercedes do?

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