Hollyoaks' Eric makes shock ultimatum to James

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks viewers had a lot to process on tonight's episode (March 31).

James Nightingale will do almost anything to help his sister Juliet and raise money for her cancer treatment, but his efforts may end up with him unable to help at all.

The episode opened with Eric Foster sitting in his prison cell, penning a note, while his voiceover said: "This place, these people, all vermin."

He added: "I will do whatever it takes to get out of here, I will use a dying woman to my advantage.."

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With both men willing to do whatever it takes, Eric's request of James to break into his police-seized caravan seemed almost too easy a decision for the solicitor to get on board with.

James, however, landed himself in hot water when detective sergeant Zoe caught him breaking into Eric's caravan as he retrieved Eric's mum's necklace so that he could pawn it for the money needed for Juliet's treatment.

The money would help pay for Juliet to go to Germany to be seen privately for her stem cell treatment, which would cost "upwards of 20 grand".

Accused of "tampering with police evidence", he managed to sway the detective into thinking that he was looking for an image of Verity. He left with the necklace stashed in his coat.

However, Juliet received the good news that she didn't need to go abroad for treatment after all as a hospital in the UK could perform the necessary treatment.

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Saving James the financial burden of paying for the clinic in Germany, he had to inform Eric that he would no longer be helping the criminal with his appeal.

Eric did not take the news well, and with the potential of his sentence being shortened slipping away, he took matters into his own hands to ensure that James would continue representing him.

Eric posed the ultimatum of either helping him get out of prison or he would take James down with him.

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With CCTV footage of him at the pawnbrokers held over James' head, Eric told him there was no way out and that he had to help him.

Will James decide to follow through and help Eric, or will he take his chances and leave Eric behind bars?

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