Hollyoaks' Kitty Draper shares another major secret with Beau Ramsey

Hollyoaks spoilers follow from Tuesday's episode on Channel 4 streaming, which doesn't air on E4 until Wednesday.

Kitty Draper has shared another major secret with Beau Ramsey in Hollyoaks.

Beau rescued Kitty from the sinister clutches of her father Declan Hawthorne earlier this week, after the evil evangelist was killed in a struggle to free her.

Kitty also confessed the truth about her identity to Beau — admitting she'd stolen an ID card from "the real Kitty Draper" after the other woman died in January's massive road crash.

Tuesday's (May 21) first-look episode revolved around Beau and Kitty trying to cover up their involvement in Declan's death.

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Beau initially wanted to call the police, but Kitty begged him not to since the cops would figure out that she'd stolen someone else's identity.

"I'll be arrested and I'll go to prison," she fearfully explained.

When they realised they'd have to do something with the body, Kitty confided in an understanding Beau that she felt relieved to "finally be free" of her prejudiced dad.

The pair decided to leave Declan's body in the abandoned cabin, then get back to the village. Once they arrived in Chester, a shaken Beau promised he wouldn't reveal the truth about Kitty's identity.

However, the pair immediately had questions to answer when DS Zoe Anderson confronted Kitty with a missing persons report that was filed for her months ago.

beau and kitty in hollyoaks
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Kitty told a half-truth to explain the report, sharing the reality that she'd fallen out with her family but conflating that with the disappearance of "the real Kitty" after the road crash.

The shocking events for Kitty didn't stop there as she was told that Lizzie Chen-Williams had died from a drug overdose while she was away from the village.

Beau noticed how stunned Kitty was by the news, leading her to open up about her connection with Lizzie.

Viewers found out just before Lizzie died that she'd had a child as a teenager but chose to give it up for adoption at the time.

Beau tried to comfort a tearful Kitty over Lizzie's death, as Kitty explained: "You don't understand. [Lizzie] was the mother of my child."

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Viewers will learn more about Kitty's past later this week…

Hollyoaks streams first online via Channel 4 each weekday at 7.30pm. Episodes then air on E4 the following day, before getting their YouTube premiere a week after that.

Selected omnibus episodes are available via Prime Video.

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