Hollyoaks' Lucas and Dillon to face backlash in sex storyline

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks’ Lucas Hay and Dillon Ray are set to face obstacles in their relationship, in a new sex storyline.

The pair have faced a lot of challenges already, not least Lucas becoming a victim of Carter Shepherd’s attempts at conversion therapy.

Lucas struggled when he returned to school following his ordeal, and when he locked himself in a storeroom, he was supported by Dillon, and they finally kissed.

lucas hay and dillon ray in hollyoaks
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Since then, their romance has blossomed as the couple have been getting more comfortable in their new relationship, but they are now set to take things to the next level.

In scenes that will air next week, Lucas tells Dillon that he wants his first time to be with him.

They later plan to have sex, but as the pair are ripping each other’s clothes off, they are awkwardly disturbed when Ste and James walk in!

Ste is furious with his son for not revising, but he later opens up to him about his first love, Brendan Brady.

lucas hay and dillon ray in hollyoaks
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The next day, Dillon tries a different tact and books a hotel room for that night, but Lucas lies to him and says he has been grounded.

When Dillon finds out that he’s been lied to, he confronts Lucas, telling him if he can’t be honest with him, there’s no point moving forward.

Their row doesn’t last too long, as Lucas soon apologises to Dillon for lying and the pair make up – under the watchful eye of Misbah.

Later, Lucas and Dillon have sex, but when Misbah realises what they have done, she invites Ste and James round for a chat.

lucas hay and dillon ray in hollyoaks
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Misbah tells them that she is concerned about how fast Lucas and Dillon’s relationship is moving, given Lucas’ recent violent behaviour.

Viewers will remember that in April, while under Carter’s spell, Lucas attacked Dillon who was trying to help him, and beat him until he fell unconscious.

Misbah then makes a big decision and tells Dillon that he and Lucas can’t be together.

What will this mean for their relationship?

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