Hollyoaks' Maxine discovers James' lies over Eric

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Maxine Minniver has discovered James Nightingale is being blackmailed by Eric Foster in Hollyoaks.

The lawyer has been blackmailed by his client Eric Foster in order to get Maxine to visit the prison – while James felt he had no choice because he's needed extra cash to help pay for sister Juliet Nightingale's cancer treatment.

His lies were finally exposed in Thursday's (May 4) first-look episode when his paralegal Lacey discovered James was arranging to bring Maxine to the prison under the promise the blackmail wouldn't be revealed.

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Lacey first tried to convince James that working with Eric wasn't the right thing to do, but when appealing to his morals failed, she told Maxine that Eric was blackmailing her boss.

Maxine was understandably hurt that James had been lying to her about such a dire situation, though Ste Hay reminded her James only acted out of desperation to help his sister.

The breakthrough came when Maxine was scrolling through social media and happened to find a photo of Juliet enjoying the Eurovision party.

The night's cliffhanger saw James desperately trying to get Eric on the phone at the prison when there was a knock at his door. James was surprised to see Maxine standing in his doorway when he opened up.

maxine minniver and james nightingale in hollyoaks
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Maxine told James that she would go ahead with the prison visit, but threatened that there would be hell to pay if she found out he'd been lying about anything else.

"I'll go and talk to Eric tomorrow, but I promise if I find out you've told any more lies, I promise you, your life won't be worth living," she warned.

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