Hollyoaks offers first look at Rayne death story in new trailer

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Hollyoaks offers first look at Rayne death storyLime Pictures

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has released a brand new trailer offering a first look at Rayne Royce's shocking exit story.

We've already confirmed how the actress's final scenes will air later this month as part of a special event week for the soap, which includes an hour-long special.

Rayne will be killed off during the pool party that she has organised at a luxury manor house.

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The scheming influencer has arranged the event as a publicity stunt, hoping to drum up interest in her relationship with Romeo Nightingale so that they can appear on reality show Love Cave together.

However, footage in the trailer reveals her how ex-boyfriend Brent, who she had claimed was dead, makes a dramatic appearance at dinner leaving the partygoers disturbed and demanding answers.

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During a dinner party game, all of Rayne's gathered guests name her when asked who they'd kill if given the chance.

Shocking new clips show how Rayne is later found dead in the pool by her devastated boyfriend Romeo, sparking a major new whodunit storyline for Hollyoaks, which will run over the coming months.

Romeo, Prince, Hunter, Zoe, Nadira, Lizzie, Faye, Phoenix and Lacey will be among the potential suspects who are questioned by the police.

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Ruby O’Donnell, who plays Peri, said: "You can expect a lot of truth bombs that I know will shock the audience and a tonne of drama.

"It’s always so much fun filming on location. The mansion was beautiful and it was so nice to be there with all the '20 something' gang as we always have such a laugh together."

Another major story previewed in the trailer hints at Sienna's plan falling apart following the arrival of newcomer Camilla arrives, who claims she is the love of Rafe's life.

With Sienna starting to catch real feelings for Rafe, Camilla's appearance will leave her more determined than ever to make Rafe realise he’s in love with her, even if it kills her.

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Other big moments include another health scare for Yazz, an intriguing new story for Dave, while the mystery surrounding Carter will gather momentum as well.

As Carter leads a popular support group, he manages to persuade John Paul to join, promising to change the direction of his life.

However, Goldie isn’t convinced his intentions are pure and the suspicious McQueen is determined to find out what he’s really up to.

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Hollyoaks' big week will kick off a fresh era for the show, as it continues its digital-first strategy.

Episodes will drop first on Channel 4's streaming service at 7.30pm each weekday evening, before getting a linear transmission on E4 at 7pm the following day.

There will no longer be a Channel 4 main channel screening at 6.30pm, but full episodes will be uploaded onto YouTube after one week, providing another platform for catch-up opportunities.

From Monday, September 25, Hollyoaks will stream first online via Channel 4 each weekday. Episodes then air on E4 the following day, before getting their YouTube premiere a week after that.

Selected omnibus episodes are available via Prime Video.

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