Hollyoaks' Peri urged to exit the village in Rayne murder aftermath

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks' Peri Lomax receives some startling advice from her mum Leela next week as the mystery over who killed Rayne Royce continues.

As evidence mounts up suggesting that Peri had the biggest motive to kill Rayne, worried Leela suggests that it might be time for her daughter to flee.

A difficult week for Peri sees her firmly on the back foot following the revelation that she bullied Rayne when they were younger. Leela is concerned about Peri's defensive behaviour as they discuss the situation.

Rayne's army of fans remain ever-present in the village and they plan a rally in support of their late idol. Zain Rizwaan and Yazz Cunningham both encourage Peri not to rise to it, but crossed wires lead to her confronting the group face-to-face.

ruby o'donnell as peri lomax in hollyoaks
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Peri struggles as heckles from Rayne's fans are sent her way and she lashes out in response, which is sure to make matters worse.

Deciding to turn the social media attention to her advantage, Peri prepares to make a video to clear her name. She gets distracted when a noise spooks her and an unknown figure sneaks into the house.

Peri turns to Romeo Nightingale about this mysterious individual, hoping for some support.

This isn't the only thing they have to worry about, as an anonymous tormentor called "Truthboy" threatens to leak news about Rayne's killer online.

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The share house residents finally unite when a box of Halloween decorations arrive, which were ordered by Rayne before she died.

Peri suggests that they should host the party in Rayne's memory and record it to post online, showing the world that they're sticking together amid the recent suspicion. Nadira Valli opts out as she finds the idea tasteless.

During the party, the group can't resist talking about who may have killed Rayne.

Prince McQueen and Lizzie Chen-Williams both openly admit that they think Peri may have been responsible. Peri is hurt by these insinuations and rushes off.

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Back at the Lomax flat, Leela points out that – whatever the truth of the situation – Peri looks guilty to everyone.

Leela suggests that Peri should go on the run before the police come calling, but Joel Dexter disagrees and warns that it could make matters worse.

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joel dexter, peri lomax and leela lomax in hollyoaks
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When Leela then comes face-to-face with Rayne's passionate fans, a physical altercation follows.

Romeo vows that he won't let Peri go down for the murder, but is this a promise he can really keep?

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