Hollyoaks regular 'forced to leave' as huge lie exposed in dramatic twist

Hollyoaks has hinted at a dramatic departure for another beloved character.

Dog barmaid Kitty Draper, played by Iz Hesketh, was found out in scenes available on Channel 4's streaming service when her boss Diane Hutchinson, portrayed by Alex Fletcher, saw her burning an ID card belonging to Ivy Shaw.

Kitty had intended to destroy the driver's licence and a cherished childhood doll that linked her to Ivan, but her suspicious landlady questioned her actions.

With police presence increasing in the village, Kitty was compelled to confess that she had stolen her identity from a woman who died in a car crash in January, and had been living under false pretences for the past six months.

Kitty Draper in Hollyoaks
Hollyoaks has hinted at a dramatic departure for Kitty Draper -Credit:Channel 4

Tony Hutchinson, played by Nick Pickard, and Diane were shocked by the revelation, but Beau Ramsay, portrayed by Jon-Paul Bell, intervened to protect his intermittent lover, claiming she was fleeing from an abusive ex-partner, reports the Mirror.

Diane was incensed that they had trusted Kitty with their recently transitioned child, Ro, and Tony was upset that Beau had also kept the secret. The former couple pleaded with the Hutchinsons to keep the matter private.

However, they instead gave Kitty an ultimatum: either she turns herself into the police, or they will do it for her. Could this signal the end of the line for Kitty?

Viewers are aware that the barmaid and trainee nurse was previously held captive for several weeks by cruel conversion therapist father Declan Hawthorne, played by Alan Turkington.

Her ordeal came to an end when Beau worked out that she was in danger and found out where she was being held captive but things took a shocking turn, with Declan winding up dead.

Beau was left reeling after delivering the accidental blow that killed the church leader. Kitty broke down not because she was sad over his death but because she was finally free from her twisted dad's control.

The two left Declan's body in the cottage before returning to the village. However, police are now investigation Declan's disappearance and have since found blood belonging to his son but will the cops realise Kitty is the person they are looking for?

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