Hollyoaks star hid Kate Moss in her basement

Hollyoaks star Davinia Taylor has spilled the beans on her time as one of the notorious Primrose Hill set – revealing that she once hid Kate Moss in her basement to keep Pete Doherty at bay.

Davinia and Kate

The actress, who returned to the Channel 4 soap last week after a two-decade break, moved the supermodel into her home during the craziest days of her turbulent relationship with the Libertines frontman – and says they often got so sloshed together they could barely find their way out of the kitchen.

“Kate, Lila and her PA were in the basement,” the 38-year-old actress told The Sun. “It was a refuge for her. It worked, as we all had an amazing few months together as an odd dysfunctional family.

“Suddenly I had my best mate there all the time who could easily keep up with me. And while she has kept going, I couldn’t. If my mum hadn’t intervened and made me go into rehab I’m certain I wouldn’t be alive now.”


“I would have fallen down some stairs or my organs would have just given out. I got smashed for the whole of my twenties. Half the time we were so smashed we couldn’t have got out of the kitchen.”

Davinia also revealed how she broke the ice with new staff on Hollyoaks after 18 years away from playing Jude Cunningham.

“On my first day back on Hollyoaks, there was a girl in wardrobe who asked me, ‘So I believe you were here 18 years ago. What have you been doing since?’

“I told her that I’d moved to London, mostly focused on drinking and nearly killed myself.

Channel 4

“She was like, ‘Oh…’”