Hollyoaks star Vera Chok teases possible split for Honour and Dave

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks star Vera Chok has teased a possible split for Honour and Dave Chen-Williams amid their recent family turmoil.

Following the fallout of Honour's son Mason's radical misogyny storyline, Honour lost her job after assaulting Eric Foster in prison, and her daughter Serena Chen-Williams left the village.

Speaking to Inside Soap about her on-screen family's current dynamic and teasing the break up of Dave and Honour's relationship, Chok said: "When you introduce a happy family on Hollyoaks, you know it won't last.

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"They've had issues with Mason, Honour's lost her job and her daughter – and Dave hasn't been supportive in any of these situations."

In recent episodes, Dave proposed to Honour after it was revealed that their marriage wasn't legal as Dave was still married to his ex wife when they previously tied the knot.

"Dave proposed because he saw someone else do it – it wasn't even an original idea," Honour said of her on-screen husband. "He's put Honour in a tough spot as she cares about him and loves Dave, but the problems remain."

In upcoming scenes Honour and Dave will have another argument after he hears a conversation between Honour and Grace in which Honour expresses her doubts. After Honour makes her feelings clear about getting married, the relationship between Honour and Dave is left hanging in the balance.

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"I don't know if Honour would have brought it up if Dave hadn't heard them," explained Chok. "They have a big argument, and while Honour doesn't want to hurt Dave, she has some suppressed emotions.

"It would be tragic if Dave and Honour split, but it wouldn't mean they aren't still a family. It's a really good question though – should parents split up if they're not happy? What's better for the children? Honour doesn't know what to do…"

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