Hollyoaks villain Norma continues exit plan for Warren

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks villain Norma Crow has proceeded with her latest villainous plot involving son Warren Fox.

Earlier this week, Norma started putting a plan in place to flee the village in secret with Warren and the twins after the children's custody was put in limbo.

Warren had a disastrous visit with social services where his apartment was ransacked with threats spray-painted on the wall — and, only later, viewers discovered Sienna's boyfriend Ethan was responsible for the vandalism.

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In Friday's first-look episode on E4 (March 10), Norma was busy putting the final touches together to book one-way flights to Honduras for herself, son Warren and the twins.

Warren figured out Norma was up to something, but she quickly diverted his attention to getting Sienna to let him spend time with the children.

"Since when have you let her or anyone get in the way of stopping you getting what you want?" she challenged her son. "One day could be all it takes to make a brand-new start."

Meanwhile, Sienna had come around to understanding Ethan's attempt to sabotage Warren, telling him it was "no bad thing" to keep the twins away from their reckless father.

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As Warren tried to set up a meeting with Sienna and the kids, Norma broke into Sienna's flat to try to steal the twins' passports.

Just as Norma found the documents, she heard Sienna and Ethan arriving home from outside the front door. When the soap cut back to the scene, Norma was crouched under the kitchen table as Sienna and Ethan kissed mere centimetres above her.

Norma remained trapped when Ste and James dropped in to announce that they'd booked their wedding venue for next February.

As the foursome mocked both Norma and Warren, the so-called Undertaker could only sit under the kitchen table and listen. Once James and Ste made their exits, Ethan and Sienna followed suit to go pick up the twins.

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Norma was finally able to slip away and then relay the twins' passport information in order to buy those tickets to Honduras. Will Warren go along with his mum's exit plan?

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