Home and Away attack shock in Stevie Marlow stalker story

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Home and Away's stalker storyline will take another big turn in scenes airing in the UK next week, as Stevie Marlow is confronted by her tormentor.

Next week, Stevie's former bodyguard, Cash Newman, fills in Eden Fowler about his time away. He reveals that the security company agrees with him that Stevie is still in great danger from her stalker, but that they can't force her to re-hire her protection after she fired Cash.

Suddenly, Cash's phone buzzes with a notification and he sees that Stevie has gone live on social media, promising her fans that she'll be dropping a huge announcement later that day.

stevie marlow in home and away
Channel 5

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Cash is incredulous, pointing out to Eden that Stevie has just told everyone – including her stalker – exactly where she is. Eden tells Cash to go and he's soon at Stevie's side, urging her to stay safe.

However, Stevie doubles down, telling Cash that he's off-duty and she doesn't need him around.

But Cash won't back down over staying at Stevie's media event, pointing out the lack of security there – nobody has checked his ID and he was able to walk straight in. He reiterates that Stevie could be in real danger, but she clearly doesn't agree.

stevie marlow is approached by a fan in home and away
Channel 5

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Soon, the director of All Our Tomorrows is publicly announcing the cast and Stevie is taking part in an audience Q&A.

Cash watches on as Stevie pays tribute to her late co-star, Crystal, who she believes could have been killed by the same person who has been stalking her. Finally understanding Stevie's position, Cash offers her a warm congratulations and the pair are glad to finally be back on the same page.

But the event soon takes a horrifying turn when Stevie goes to meet a swarm of fans who are after her autograph. Cash senses imminent danger – and he's proved right when a rogue fan firmly pushes through the crowd.

cash newman in home and away
Channel 5

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After he begs Stevie to say her famous catchphrase, he suddenly lunges at the terrified star. Thankfully, Cash appears just in time and he chases the attacker away.

Soon, he and the stalker are playing a game of cat and mouse in an empty car park. After the pair get into a physical fight, Cash manages to overpower the stalker, who screams, "She's the last on my list!"

As the attacker is dragged away in handcuffs, a shaken Stevie thanks Cash for everything he has done, telling him that she can finally feel safe again.

But, is this really the end of Stevie's ordeal?

These scenes air on Channel 5 in the UK on Tuesday, June 4 and Wednesday, June 5.

Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.45pm on Channel 5, with repeat screenings at 6pm on 5STAR and first look screenings at 6.30pm on 5STAR. Selected classic episodes are available via Prime Video in the UK.

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