Home and Away shock for Ava as her huge lie backfires

Home and Away spoilers follow for UK viewers.

Home and Away teenager Ava Gilbert is left horrified on UK screens next week as her latest lie threatens to tear her family apart.

Ava crosses the line once again when she pretends to be in danger in the hope of being "rescued" by Theo Poulos.

Upcoming episodes on Channel 5 see Ava become upset when Theo rejects her once and for all, appalled after discovering the true extent of her obsession with him.

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Theo makes it clear that he's not interested in Ava and never will be. Ava responds by impulsively getting into a van with a stranger, who drives her out of Summer Bay.

Ava's father Justin Morgan is devastated when he discovers that she has disappeared following a fight with Theo. He's quick to blame Theo, who tries to make things right by sending Ava an apology message.

When Ava realises that she can use Theo's concern to her advantage, she replies by falsely claiming that she's being held against her will. She shares her location, hoping that Theo will come to find her.

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Instead, Theo shares the details with Justin, who races off to bring his daughter back home.

Justin is furious when he finds Ava spending time with Conor, the man who gave her a ride out of the Bay.

Still under the impression that Conor kidnapped Ava, a livid Justin goes on the attack and starts beating him up. Ava screams at Justin to stop, but he won't listen.

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embargo 08052023 ava gilbert in home and away
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Police arrive at the scene and arrest Justin, who's incredulous as he claims that Conor is the villain in this situation.

As the police question Justin, a regretful Ava comes clean about how Conor didn't do anything wrong and she only sent the SOS message to Theo to grab his attention.

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Justin is relieved when he receives the news that Ava wasn't hurt, but he realises this situation is far from over when the police charge him with grievous bodily harm.

Justin's partner Leah Patterson takes him home, where he confronts Ava over her lie. How will Ava explain herself?

Home and Away airs weekdays at 1.45pm on Channel 5 and 6pm on 5STAR. First-look screenings air at 6.30pm on 5STAR and the show also streams on My5.

Selected classic episodes are available via Prime Video in the UK.

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