Home and Away spoiler pictures show Ava caught out

Monday, May 8: Mackenzie heads to the beach

She looks for some fun after saying an emotional goodbye to Dean and Ziggy, who have left the Bay.

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Monday, May 8: Gabe is waiting nearby

He has recently decided to move in with Mac.

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Monday, May 8: Mac tries to seem upbeat around Gabe

But she's privately scared by the pressure of becoming Gabe's carer when his cancer advances.

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Monday, May 8: Gabe and Mac kiss

Gabe is grateful to have such strong support from Mac.

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Tuesday, May 9: Felicity and Tane are back in the Bay after their time away

After an emotional heart-to-heart, their relationship is back on track.

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Tuesday, May 9: Tane avoids talking about rescheduling the wedding, not wanting to push his luck

It seems that Felicity may have other ideas.

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Tuesday, May 9: Felicity proposes to Tane

She wants them to get engaged again.

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Tuesday, May 9: Tane is taken aback

In the pressure of the big moment, he hesitates.

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Tuesday, May 9: Felicity is surprised by Tane's reaction

Has she moved too quickly?

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Wednesday, May 10: Tane explains why he's reluctant

He reminds Felicity that the pressure of the last wedding became too much for her.

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Wednesday, May 10: Felicity tries to reassure Tane

She promises that she won't back out this time.

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Wednesday, May 10: Tane is won over

He agrees to get married.

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Wednesday, May 10: Tane and Felicity make it official


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Wednesday, May 10: Tane and Felicity kiss

Later, they ask Cash and Eden for their help with organising the wedding as quickly as possible.

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Wednesday, May 10: Justin is under pressure

He keeps defending Ava, even after her games forced Theo to move out.

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Wednesday, May 10: Leah sticks up for Theo, while Justin continues to defend Ava

The couple are not on the same page.

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Thursday, May 11: Ava and Justin visit the beach

They seem to be bonding at last.

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Thursday, May 11: Ava finally appears genuine in her intentions

But it may be too late.

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Thursday, May 11: Ava and Justin spend some more quality time together

Things are looking up.

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Thursday, May 11: Ava and Justin have fun in the kitchen

They appear to be finding their rhythm at last.

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Thursday, May 11: Leah is shocked

Roo has told Leah about photos that she found on Ava's 'I

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Thursday, May 11: Leah interrupts

She asks to speak to Justin in private.

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Thursday, May 11: Leah shows Justin the photos

One of them shows Ava alone in Theo's bed, wearing his shirt.

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Thursday, May 11: Justin is stunned

He doesn't know how to deal with this.

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Thursday, May 11: Theo fears the worst

When he finds out about the photos, he worries that Justin will suspect him of crossing the line with Ava.

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Thursday, May 11: Justin apologises to Theo

He makes it clear that Theo isn't under any suspicion. Justin also says sorry for not listening to him about Ava, but his eyes are well and truly open now.

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Thursday, May 11: Leah makes a big decision

She thinks that Ava and Justin need some space.

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Thursday, May 11: Leah vows to go and stay with Roo for a while

She's keeping her distance.

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Thursday, May 11: Justin is upset over Ava's games pushing everyone away

What does the future hold for the family now?

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