Home and Away spoilers: Bree and Nelson get PASSIONATE!

 Home and Away spoilers, Nelson Giles, Bree Cameron.
Things HOT up between Bree and film director Nelson on Home and Away!. | Credit: Endemol Shine Australia

Bree Cameron (played by Juliet Godwin) is starting to wonder if Nelson Giles (Mahesh Jadu) has lost her number on Home and Away! (1:45pm - see our TV Guide for listings).

The film director has been busy with all the pre-production for Stevie Marlow's (Catherine Van-Davies) new rom-com, All Our Tomorrows.

John Palmer (Shane Withington) is thrilled when Nelson calls on the Surf Club manager to give him a tour of potential beach filming locations in John's surf patrol vehicle.

Luckily, Bree is eventually able to get the director's attention...

With both of them off the clock, Bree and Nelson hit the Diner before she jumps on the back of his motorcycle and they head for the fancy mansion where Nelson is staying with star Stevie during the movie shoot.

It's not long before things take a passionate turn between the pair...

Mackenzie Booth (Emily Weir) is reeling after lover Levi Fowler's (Tristan Gorey) offer of a TIME OUT on their affair.

Is this what he really wants?

Levi claims he is not having second thoughts about them as a couple.

But with a whole LOT of folks passing judgement and taking sides against them, is this the "happy" future that either of them imagined?

After everything they've both already been through together, will either Mackenzie or Levi decide to call it quits?

Home and Away spoilers, Mackenzie Booth
Home and Away spoilers, Mackenzie Booth

Are Mali Hudson (Kyle Shilling) and Kirby Aramoana (Angelina Thomson) about to go into partnership together at Manta Ray Boards?

If Kirby can take on Mali's surf lessons, he'll have more time to keep-up with the influx of surf board orders he has received since Stevie Marlow (Catherine Van-Davies) posted about the surf shop on social media.

However, when Kirby passes judgement on Mali's friend Mackenzie over her affair with Levi, he sets some ground rules.

Keep your head focused on the job and don't gossip about Mackenzie while at work.

Will Kirby agree to Mali's terms and conditions?

Home and Away spoilers, Mali Hudson
Home and Away spoilers, Mali Hudson

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