Home Bargains £1.99 tanning drops 'just as good as' more expensive brands

Bondi Sands tanning drops
Shoppers are loving the 'unreal bargain find' -Credit:Bondi Sands

Home Bargains is selling a bottle of Bondi Sands Pure Self Tanning Drops for just £1.99. The drops usually retail at £14.99.

But shopping at the budget store means shoppers can save themselves £13 on the drops. Many fans have been so impressed by the affordable price tag, they're "running" to stores.

Created with Bondi Sands' iconic golden glow, its 'skin-quenching formulation' gives users 'glowing skin'. The drops can be used to create a custom glow of your desired intensity.

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To use, simply mix with moisturiser to incorporate self-tan into your existing skincare routine. The drops are dermatologically tested and is suitable for sensitive skin types.

On Instagram, Home Bargains shared a video by TikToker Aimeemichelle_a, who said the drops were an 'unreal bargain find'. She added: "They are just as good as the Tan Luxe drops. they're just as good as any of the other ones that are available on Cult Beauty that cost more than £14.99."

In the caption, Home Bargains wrote: "Run don't walk for that Summer glow!" Many people were loving the budget deal in the comment section.

One fan called Candice jokingly replied: "They are good, stop telling people." Lisa said: "Bondi Sands is a good brand." JB declared: "Home Bargains is really the best at the minute."

Debora asked: "What do u do with them plz?" Wendy explained: "It’s a self tanner…you pop a few drops in your moisturiser or serum and they tan your face." However, Lea said: "I find they all make your face a tad orange or over tanned."

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