Home worker reports boss who won't let him use the toilet for nine hours during shift

He reported his boss to HR (stock)
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An employee has hit out at their boss for imposing a ban on bathroom breaks during a nine-hour shift.

The home-based worker shared his frustration on Reddit after receiving a second warning for briefly leaving his desk, which he claims was only to use the loo.

His manager, who accused him of 'skipping' work time, has now enforced a strict rule preventing him from stepping away from his desk throughout his working hours. The disgruntled employee recounted: "I work from home. My manager claims that if I leave my desk for 10 minutes I will get written up. It's my second warning in two weeks."

He continued to express his unfair treatment compared to colleagues, stating: "Everyone on the team takes 5-30 min breaks throughout the day. Sometimes in the morning after drinking coffee, I have to go to the bathroom. Right at the 10-minute mark he calls me today. He doesn't do this with anyone else and says he's not micromanaging (his words not mine). He said quote from '8-5 you can not leave your desk. I am watching your screen'."

Feeling targeted, he took the step to report his manager to HR for harassment but is now concerned he may have overreacted. He elaborated: "I am the top performer on my team (just got my yearly evaluation). Most phone time, always early, always leaving late, and take no vacation time (no kids). Was I right to report him?"

One user commented on the situation, saying: "This is not prison. Take a pee break whenever and however long you wish. If your manager does not like it, grab his trash bin and s*** in it." Another chimed in with advice to take the computer or phone to the loo, adding: "Take your computer/phone with you to the bathroom. Make it uncomfortable for him."

A different user offered a cheeky suggestion for a note to HR: "'Dear HR I cannot work today as I'm in the hospital with a distended bladder due to being forbidden from leaving my desk between the hours of 8am-5pm for any reason per (insert micromanager name) here on CC'."

Another person weighed in: "This occurred during work time I will be submitting workman's comp claims and working with the local labour board. Thanks! " while someone else pointed out: "This sounds like at attempt at a constructive discharge. In short, he might be trying to make it so unpleasant that you just up and quit."