Homeowner told his 18th century farmhouse will be demolished after it was left dangling over cliff edge

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The farmhouse now sits in a dangerous position -Credit:Mike Page / SWNS

A man's 18th century farmhouse is set to be demolished after coastal erosion left it dangerously hanging off a cliff edge. New photos show the old property at Cliff Farm in Trimingham, Norfolk teetering over a cliff after the land slipped away at the beginning of the month.

The three-bedroom home was bought at auction five years ago for £132,000 and used to sit much further away from the cliff. However over the years it has been edging closer towards the coast and recent landslips have left the back part of the home exposed.

The owner of the property has been told by the council that the building is in a 'precarious position'. He was forced to evacuate his home and was told it will be demolished in the coming days before it falls onto the beach.

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Harry Blathwayt, North Norfolk District Council's portfolio holder for coast, said previously: "It's very sad that the old farmhouse has been undermined by landfall over the last few weeks. Sadly, it will have to be demolished."

"The owner of the property has spoken to council officers and he fully accepts that the building is in a precarious position to say the least.

"As such, the council's Coastwise team will be helping demolish it - getting contractors in and taking it down before it can fall on the beach."

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The farmhouse in 1998 set much further back from the cliff edge -Credit:No credit

Erosion at Trimingham has been happening at an alarming rate due to heavy rainfall over the winter which has saturated the soft cliffs, leading to frequent landslides.

In January 2020, the cliff fell at Trimingham overnight, sending tonnes of sand and silt plummeting onto the beach from the Trimingham House Caravan Park above.

The home now teeters over the edge -Credit:Mike Page / SWNS
The home now teeters over the edge -Credit:Mike Page / SWNS

The seaside resort of Hemsby has also lost several homes due to coastal erosion with ex-soldier Lance Martin hitting the headlines for dragging his bungalow away from the cliff edge twice.

Mr Martin, 66, initially admitted defeat last November but has now announced plans to airlift his home by helicopter away from the seafront in a military-grade operation.